• Day Centre

    Day Centre

    Good times, great company and plenty of laughter!

  • Arts Crafts & Computers!

    Arts Crafts & Computers!

    We offer computer and Tablet/iPad classes on a Monday afternoon.

  • Social Support – Group Outings

    Social Support – Group Outings

    A opportunity to meet new people, and make friendships to last a lifetime.

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What our clients are saying!

  • “I would like to thank you and your staff again for the kindness you showed my mother. I know the visitors you organised changed her life – before that she was very lonely.”

    Client's Family Testimonial
  • “To all the beautiful people at TTCAT “The Journey Continues!!” Thankyou (sometimes words aren’t enough)”

    TTCAT Client
  • "Thank you for your professionalism and courteous assistance that was given to my husband and me, much gratitude in arranging all transport as well as bookings for our accommodation at the hospital. Your service has been much appreciated."

    Client Testimonial
  • "The best thing that has ever been thought of. To be picked up and delivered back is terrific. I have used it quite a few times and I have been very happy. I have very much appreciated the service. Your care is excellent."

    Client Testimonial
  • "I'm very satisfied with your services, I have travelled many times with you, and have always found all drivers most courteous and helpful. I'm so very glad to have this service available and will be using it again in the future."

    Client Testimonial
  • "I am very happy with the service of TTCAT. They are always very obliging and very good drivers for my trips, which are every 4 weeks. Staff in the office are very nice and helpful."

    Client Testimonial
  • "I think this is a wonderful service for a lot of people to help with their independence. The office service is very accommodating and the drivers all very experienced. I have been very happy with the service."

    Client Testimonial
  • "On behalf of the Tenterfield Community Care for Patients Committee, may I thank you and your wonderful staff for allowing, preparing and transporting Fans to the Morning Melodies with Graeme Howie and Rex Dallas, held recently at the Golf Club. It gave us great satisfaction, in that a great crowd turned up and also to see our Senior Citizens singing along with smiles on their faces and laughing. It was a fantastic morning, and I hope all the fans from TTCAT enjoyed themselves. We thank the wonderful, kind staff for their devotion to these fans at the club, it makes us proud to see that our Senior Citizens are in such good hands."

    Kevin Condrick, Secretary - Tenterfield Community Care for Patients Committee